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Some cuties we met at Shutocon!

itskandatoyou - Kuroko Tetsuya

Mayolottegirls - Akashi Seijuro

trafalgarlawkun - Trafalgar Law

Feel free to add yourself! We don’t have everyone’s accounts and names, unfortunately… Thanks!


Mido-chin you are too cute it’s illegal!!!

What episode is this?

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iv being a nerd: the photoset

I love my new Ai wig ahhhhhhhhhhhh

I love my new Ai wig ahhhhhhhhhhhh


Shutocon part four of ???

Ren is deathisthekid
Kuroko is itskandatoyou
Momoi is me
Kise is havocandponcy

If you see yourself, let me know so I can tag you or, if you don’t want your picture up, I can delete it.


Noiz: the-slangdangler

Aoba: jillchan1234

 Tokiya: nosuchthingasunicorns

Kuroko: me 

Akashi(with crown): mayolottegirls

Momoi: smartwaterofficial

and there are the photo’s i took at shuto con 2014!!! 

if I don’t have you tagged or the tag is wrong pleas let me know, or if you don’t what your picture up here and i’ll take it down. 

the last photo is what i bought or given at this con. 


Cuties are all over that con


I’m so annoyed. These assholes all have colour coordinated phones…
imageAnd then there’s Kise….imageAT LEAST GET A YELLOW CASE, YOU DORK.


Aomine regrets ruining Kuroko’s innocence and they’re all depressed now. He didn’t jump in front of that train though, he just sat alone, regretting the fact that he ruined an angel.



i asked my dad if this picture summed up parenting and he nodded 


i asked my dad if this picture summed up parenting and he nodded 

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